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Last updated September 13, 2022

What is Sambot for Bitrise ?

Sambot is a mobile application helping any Bitrise user in his Continuous Integration/Deployment experience to make easier, more powerful and more efficient the use of Bitrise services (even for non-developers).

Sambot brings an interface to improve reactivity and productivity:

  • Manage & Monitor Builds/Workflows
  • Download & Install Artifacts
  • Analyse Data & Optimize Costs

Sambot is available for free on iPhone, iPad, Mac and is designed for all members of any mobile application product team using Bitrise CI: Developers, DevOps, Q&A, Product Owners/Managers, Designers…

Main features

  • Monitor your most important Projects and follow their Builds and health at any time
  • Quickly understand why and where your Build has failed with Failure Analysis
  • Follow builds Steps (live or afterward) parsed from Bitrise log to instantly identify what’s happening
  • See all details of any Builds and restart or abord them in one tap
  • Download all build artifacts easily
  • Analyze your projects with Analytics Insight where tons of metrics are computed from all their builds: Cost, Duration, Success/Failure rates, Waiting time, Number of builds… These metrics are presented in beautiful colored charts, grids or highlights
  • Add favorite Artifacts on Dashboard and automatically get instant access to their last version
  • Run (and Re-Run) at a glance your recurrent Workflows on any combination of projects, branches, or tags
  • Be notified by push notifications as soon as a Build finished to act in the nick of time
  • Find the build you are looking for with a powerful search engine to inspect, rerun or abort it instantly
  • Launch your favorites Workflows / Builds with Shortcut & Siri
  • See Projects Statistics (success, failure & average duration) and Projects Trends through a nice weather forecast representation
  • Get a comprehensive & understandable Test Report summary for your builds, parsed from CI logs
  • Save Build configuration for quick Redo later
  • Synchronize all your favorite Projects, Workflows, and custom environment parameters across all your devices with iCloud sync
  • Have an intuitive Onboarding and easy access to the most useful features
  • Build logs from Bitrise are parsed and colorized with themes


  • All private information is encrypted and protected from the outside world
  • Sambot app is 100% SwiftUI, built with The Composable Architecture and its backend is written in Swift (VAPOR)

General Informations

Company Jay & Jay
Developers      Jeffrey Macko & Jérémie Godon
Twitter @sambot_app
App Store link


You’ll find all Sambot videos on Sambot Vimeo page


You’ll find all Sambot iPhone & iPad screenshots in their original size in this zip file


Unleash    Supervise Inspect    Download build_OK    build_KO Insights1    Insights2 Run    Find Insights3    Insights4 Monitor    Test Be_notified    Personalize


Dashboard iPad Insights iPad All builds iPad Run Workflow iPad Inspect Build iPad


Supported platforms

  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • macOS (Apple silicon only)