Last updated Avril 30, 2022

Version 1.8

What’s New


  • [Feat] Add automatic app updates on Dashboard for all your favorites projects to always be aware of the last up-to-date built app
  • [Feat] Improve Environment Params auto-completion when triggering a new build
  • [Feat] You can now restart/retry a Build from its tile button and quickly edit any of its combination of workflow, branch, env params


  • [Fix] Fix a crash on app launch
  • [Fix] Fix duplicates while setting Environment params to a Build
  • [Fix] Fix Analytics Insights live update with fresh builds and date range that were sometimes wrongly set at launch
  • [Fix] Fix a crash on Test Report Summary in Build detailed screen

Version 1.7

  • [Feat] Environment Parameters now autocomplete when configuring a build to run from any combinaison of project / workflow / branch / tags
  • [Feat] Add duration progress estimated from DB for favorites projects Builds running
  • [Fix] A few graphical glitches fixed
  • [Fix] Analytics Insights fetching was sometimes blocked
  • [Refacto] Improved Build Screen loading (speed + code)
  • [Refacto] Improved Analytics Insights fetching datas reliability
  • [Refacto] Improved quality of implementation for an incoming (great) feature 😉

Version 1.6

  • [Feat] Add macOS Support (Apple silicon only)
  • [Feat] Improve iPad version (adding Sidebar, adaptative padding, charts markers…)
  • [Feat] Improve Filters usage & style in Analytics Insights screen
  • [Fix] Improve Analytics Insights Downloader stop/resume behaviour
  • [Fix] Fix Tests Results parser
  • [Fix] Fix bugs in Analytics Insights screen
  • [Fix] Fix Premium Pro plan random disconnection
  • [Fix] Persistent store crash after reseting token
  • [Fix] Fix websites URLs
  • [Fix] Fix iCloud sync
  • [Refacto] Replace a few deprecated APIs
  • [Refacto] Reduce code warnings, remove useless files

Version 1.5

  • [Feat] New Onboarding for token generation
  • [Fix] Analytics Insights charts UI bugs
  • [Fix] Fix update token alert
  • [Style] Improvements on buttons, colors and tiles
  • [Refacto] Analytics Insights Downloader is now more reliable
  • [CI] A few improvements

Version 1.4

  • [Feat] Add a Demo Mode to try and discover Sambot app without entering any token
  • [Feat] Add an achievement progress bar on Build Tile when running (based on median duration for its workflow over past 3 months)
  • [Feat] Add Analytics Insights entry on Dashboard and make it available for multiple Projects
  • [Feat] Add a “triggered by user” filter in Analytics Insights screen
  • [Feat] Add the Successful builds median duration in Analytics Insights
  • [Fix] Fix ScrollViews insets troubles on small devices
  • [Fix] Fix crashes from nil Reducers
  • [Style] Small graphical improvements mainly on Dashboard and Project screens
  • [Refacto] Move all Colors into StyleGuide module for better app modularization

Version 1.3

  • [Feat] New Analytics Insight feature ! Discover tons of metrics computed from all the builds of your projects from the very first one: Cost, Duration, Success/Failure rates, Waiting time, Number of builds… These metrics are presented in beautiful colored charts, grids or highlights !
  • [Fix] Update Failure Review BuildScreen module by adding smarter limits
  • [Fix] Favorites Artifacts are now saved when leaving application
  • [Fix] Improve Bitrise Colorized Log to be available even build still running
  • [Fix] A few bugs and crashes
  • [Style] Small graphical improvements mainly on Dashboard and BuildScreen

Version 1.2

  • [Feat] Add new Favorite Artifacts Updates feature. Mark any artifacts as favorite in Build Detailed screen and always get the last updated version of them on your Dashboard
  • [Feat] Add more information on Build Detailed screen (cost in credits, stack, timestamps…)
  • [Feat] Add Bitrise Public Page button for the main artifact in Build Detailed screen
  • [Feat] Improve Pro Features screen for subscribed users (subscription management, redeem code…)
  • [Fix] Elapsed time countdown on Build tile
  • [Fix] Build Detailed screen automatic refresh troubles when it ends
  • [Fix] At the end of a Build, FailureReview module automatically refreshes itself until log & artifacts are ready
  • [Fix] A few other bugs
  • [Fix] Artifact expiration AWS token
  • [Refacto] A little bit of refacto (always good for health) + clean a few TODOs

Version 1.1

  • [Fix] Fixes after AppStore verification process feedbacks…
  • [Fix] Backend fixes…
  • [Fix] Push Notifications fixes…

Version 1.0

  • [Feat] First version of Sambot iOS / iPadOS application !