Sambot helps all members of a Mobile App Development Team (Developers, Designers, DevOps, Q&A, Product Manager...) to be more productive, reactive and efficient while using Bitrise CI services


A quick tour of Sambot

Here is a short intoduction of what Sambot can do


Discover Sambot features

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Quick access to your most important projects to follow their health and builds at any time


Add all recurrent workflows (for any combination of projects, branches, or tags) to your Dashboard and run them at a glance


Monitor all details of any builds from any projects and restart or abord them in one tap

Analytics Insights

Get lots of charts from your projects statistics about their cost, build status, duration and more...


Follow workflows steps (live or afterward) parsed from Bitrise log to instantly identify what's happening

Easy Artifacts download

Download all your builds artifacts easily

Automatic Artifacts updates

Mark any artifacts as favorite and always get the last updated version of them on your Dashboard


Receive a push notification as soon as a build is finished (in success or in error) and act in the nick of time

Easy to Use

Find the build you are looking for with a powerful search engine to inspect, re-run or abort it instantly

Error Analysis

Helps you to quickly understand why and where your build has failed

Siri & Shortcut support

Launch your favorite workflows/builds with Shortcut & Siri

Tests Report

Get a comprehensive & understandable parsed test report summary for your builds

iCloud Sync

All your favorite projects, workflows, and custom environment parameters are synchronized all over your devices

Live Update

Sambot app auto-refresh when builds start or finish without any manual action to always allow you to be as reactive as possible

Project Weather

See your projects trends through a nice weather forecast representation

Easy to Configure

Intuitive onboarding and easy access to the most useful features

Dark Mode Support

Choose the one you love to work with

Favorites builds

Save build configuration for quick redo

Bitrise live log themes

Build logs from Bitrise are parsed and colorized with themes

Project customisation

Customize your projects with tens of colors

Security & Privacy

All private information is encrypted and protected from the outside world

Modern code

iOS 15 support, 100% SwiftUI (Composable Architecture), and backend written in Swift