About Jay & Jay

Hello world !

Sambot app has been designed and developed by Jay & Jay, a french company based in Paris and founded by Jérémie Godon & Jeffrey Macko, two iOS developers. These friends enjoy working on this Apple platform since SDK 3.0 (let’s say most of the time… except when new Xcode beta breaks things)…


Jay & Jay goal is to develop modern mobile applications by themselves, mixing their time between production of smart code on modern stacks with a sustainable work-life balance so they can spend enough time with their friends, hobbies, or families.

Quality of code, user privacy, and native platform elements are three essential axes of Jay & Jay development philosophy that aren’t really open to negotiation except if you have great arguments.


If you have any questions, expectations or feedbacks about Sambot app, feel free to ask for whatever you would like to see embedded in future releases (or what you definitively wouldn’t)…

Jay & Jay team is always happy to meet people from the developers community (especially if you come from the iOS world 😉) so do not hesitate to contact us on Twitter or by email.

See you around !

Jay & Jay

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